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Aloha, I'm Vivian!

Vivian is a mom to 2 boys who can honestly admit that being a mother just isn't enough for her.


When she first became pregnant, that's all she dreamt of... being a full-time stay at home mom who cooked fresh home-made meals every day, had a sparkling clean house, super easy and happy babies, and a great loving relationship with her husband.

After 4 years of almost weekly meltdowns and trying to convince herself that being a mother is more than enough, Vivian knew something was missing and had to be changed for the better of her family but also for herself.

Her personal experience of isolation and the feeling of unworthiness as a mother led her down this path to create a community for like-minded mothers to come together to support, connect and grow with one another all while being able to relate to one another.

Yes, being a mother is truly an amazing blessing but we need to remember that there isn't just one way of being a good mother. You CAN pursue your dreams and still be a good mother and that's what Mompreneur LIFE is all about. We are a community of mamas who are here to support each other and grow with one another.


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'it takes a village to raise a child

but it also takes one to raise a mother.'